Factory Finishing



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Factory Finishing

For optimum performance, the WRCLA recommends that Western Red Cedar is pre-primed or pre-finished prior to job site delivery.

Factory-priming, as the name implies, is performed in an industrial setting where a machine coating process applies a coating to all six sides of each board. The coated boards are then dried prior to shipment to the job sites.

Benefits of Factory Finishing:


  • the application of a uniform coating at the recommended coverage of the primer/stain to all six surfaces of each piece (face, back, edges and ends)
  • a controlled environment to permit proper curing of the finish
  • the wood with a coating to protect it from exposure to sunlight (UV degradation) and surface contamination by mildew and dirt
  • an elimination of lap marks, streaks and shrink lines after installation
  • an ability to install products at any time of the year

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